2. Get crafty!

I love a little sewing project and always appreciate an excuse to make a little something as a present, so when my sis announced they were expecting their first baby I was sooo excited! I scoured Pinterest for ideas and settled on this little beauty: http://www.craftinessisnotoptional.com/2012/07/up-up-and-away-mobile-tutorial-and.html

And here’s the finished product!:

Nursery mobile - up, up and away!

Nursery mobile – up, up and away!

Another firm favourite of mine is the Sock Monkey! Very easy (and cheap!) to make. I love the fact that every monkey is completely unique! Just make sure you pick a funky pair of socks 😉

Sock monkey

Sock monkey

Here’s the pattern I use: http://craftbits.com/project/sock-monkey/

Pinterest is great for crafty project ideas, the best ones are projects that you can work on while lying down/ watching TV as you don’t want to be lugging your sewing machine around or bending over a project for hours on end.


1. Watch a whole TV series…

When else do you get a guilt-free pass to watch hours of TV? and what a great excuse to immerse yourself in your favourite TV series from start to finish, filling in all the gaps from those missed episodes when you had too busy a life to lead!

Of course, my choice was limited somewhat to what my circle of friends had in their DVD collections (6 months off work is having a scary effect on my bank balance..) so I opted for LOST, yep, all 121 episodes! adding up to approx. 95 hours!…. and I still didn’t get it 🙂