About Moi…


SO, after a major back operation I ask my surgeon ‘how long will it be before I can return to work?’. His reply? ‘At least 6 months’… Err…. 6 MONTHS????

What the hell am I going to do with myself for 6 months??!!!

Obviously the first weeks allow little space for boredom to surface… It takes me so long to get up, dressed and eat breakfast that I need a long lie down immediately afterwards! But as I start to regain my function and pace in my daily routine the gaps in-between start to grow. I am under strict instructions not to walk too far, not to ‘over-do it’, no lifting, no twisting, (the surgeon laughs when I ask about sports)…. A long list of ‘don’t’s, but a serious lack of ‘do’s’!

So here are my suggestions for how to pass the time in a semi-productive way while ‘convalescing’… mostly it’s about making the most of the opportunity to do what you never normally get time to do! 🙂


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